Kit List

Kit List

Essential Items

Hand in to School Before the Trip

  • Passport
  • EHIC Card
  • Signed consent form

Please note: If any of the above items are not available at the time of departure, or are out of date, the student cannot come on the trip!

Give to Allocated Member of Staff before getting on Coach

Hand Luggage/Worn on Journey

  • Ski jacket
  • Ski Notley hoodie 
  • Thick ski gloves
  • 1 pair of your ski socks 

In Main Luggage 

  • Helmet
  • Sallopettes (ski trousers) 
  • Thermal Base Layer top and bottoms. 
  • Thin fleecy layer
  • 2 other pairs of ski socks (making 3 pairs in total for the trip)
  • Ski goggles (even if you also bring sunglasses)
  • Suntan lotion and lip salve
  • Fancy dress
  • Pair of sturdy footwear/trainers
  • Swimming costume & towel (compulsory for evening activity)

Recommended Items

Hand Luggage/Bring on Coach

  • Pillow for the coach
  • Money for the journey to and from Austria, including a few Euro coins for toilets. Do not include in the pocket/lunch money envelope.
  • Food and drink for journey to Austria. (Friday evening meal, Saturday breakfast and Saturday lunch. Resealable drink bottles only - no cans)
  • DVDs for showing on the coach (nothing above 12 cert)
  • Personal digital devices for entertainment such as iPod, iPad, phone etc. See important note below
  • Portable battery charger (“power bank”) for any of the above
  • Headphones

Hand Luggage or Main Luggage

  • Small rucksack to carry snacks/wallet/drink etc. while skiing. (Must be a proper rucksack with two adjustable padded straps, not string straps.)
  • Sunglasses (remember you must bring ski goggles)

Main Luggage

  • Clothing for evenings e.g. Jeans and tops
  • Neck warmer ("buff")


Lunch and Pocket Money

Lunch is not included in the trip cost. We recommend approx €10-12 for lunch and drinks each day = €60-€75.

There is very limited opportunity for shopping. Suggestion is €40-50 pocket money max for the week. 

Lunch and pocket money must be put together in an envelope with your child’s name and the amount enclosed written clearly on it. Please avoid high value notes - €10 and €5 notes are perfect. No coins please in the envelope.  

Mobile Devices

You are welcome to bring your phone/media device but please consider the following:

We advise strongly that mobile internet access and the ability to call/text is disabled on all devices during the entire trip, preferably by removing the SIM card. If this is not done, done incorrectly or re-enabled whilst abroad, you may be liable for an extremely large bill from your phone company. Please remember that there is really no need to have such mobile services active as the hotel offers free Wi-Fi access in the communal area. Although we would advise against students taking their phones during the day, there is also free Wi-Fi in most of the cafés on the slopes.

Students are entirely responsible for any devices brought on the trip and for any bills incurred through their use. 

You must bring headphones or you will not be allowed to use your device on the coach.

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