Ferry Groups 2020

Ferry Groups 2020

Here are the final Ferry Groups for the 2020 Ski Trip.

These are your ferry groups, not your ski groups.

Your ski group may change throughout the week depending on changes in skiing ability. Your ferry group will not change as we use these to check everyone is present, for example getting onto and off the ferry, at service stations, in the mornings before skiing etc. It does not mean you have to spend all your time with the people in your ferry group, just that you need to be with them when asked.

Please make sure you know which group you are in - it's really important!

Mr Morris
Surname Initial
Batchford H
Batten A
Brown J
Miller N
Nice  Jk
Smyth W
Mr Rowe
Surname Initial
Fenn E
Foster R
Hawkins  S
Hooks J
Morrison G
Nice Jn
Mrs Roper
Surname Initial
Goodwin T
Hogg  K
Nice  N
Runnalls M
Runnalls S
Wicks K
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