What do I need to take on the trip?

Essential for Travel

Passport: hand in when getting on coach - you cannot travel without one!

EHIC Card: All students travelling on the ski trip will require an EHIC (European Health Insurance) card. You must have a current card in order to go on the trip (please check yours as these do expire!). These are obtainable online or via the Post Office.

Below is a checklist for you to ensure you pack the correct items for skiing:

Must Have Items for Skiing

  • Ski helmet. These are obligatory for all staff and students. You will not be allowed to ski without one under any circumstances.
  • Googles
  • Ski jacket - to be worn on the journey
  • Sallopettes (ski trousers)
  • Thermal top
  • Thin fleecy layer
  • Thermal bottoms
  • 3 pairs ski socks (put 1 pair in your hand luggage for ski fit)
  • Thick ski gloves (keep in your hand luggage for ski fit)
  • Suntan lotion and lip salve
  • Swimming costume

Recommended Items

  • Ski hat (i.e. wooly hat)
  • Sunglasses
  • Small rucksack to carry packed lunch (note: must have two sturdy shoulder straps. Bags that sling over one shoulder are not acceptable - they will swing about as you ski and put you off balance)
  • Clothing for evenings e.g. jeans and tops
  • Food for the journey out to Austria and for breakfast and lunch the next day (unless you wish to buy something from a service station) 
  • Small pillow for the journey
  • Pair of sturdy footwear/trainers
  • DVDs for the journey (no 15 or 18 cert films!)
  • MP3 player and headphones - you will not be allowed to use external speakers on the coach. 
  • Money in Euros (in an envelope labelled with name and full amount - hand in when getting on coach) See the FAQ about money.

Any medication currently being taken should be placed in a named bag stating when it is to be taken and given in before getting on the coach

All luggage should be packed in a medium sized suitcase/holdall.

Important: Each student is personally responsible for any valuables they bring on the trip. Neither the school nor staff will be liable for any loss or damage.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact Mr Rowe or Mrs Segura at school