Can iPhones/smartphones be taken for use as media players?

It is a long coach journey and access to some sort of entertainment makes it more bearable.

Although will be playing a selection of DVDs during the day and early evening (probably Chalet Girl. Again!), most students would rather be fed cold sprouts than be without their mobile so you are welcome to bring your phone/media player. However, please bear the following in mind:

  • All devices are entirely the student’s responsibility. The school will not accept liability for devices lost, stolen or broken or any bills incurred, regardless of the circumstances.
  • You must bring headphones or you will not be allowed to use your device on the coach.
  • We reserve the right to remove speakers from students rooms if the noise is unacceptable!
  • Students must not use any device when receiving instructions, on or off the slopes.
  • Devices can only be used on the slopes when expressly allowed by the group instructor e.g. during breaks to take photos.
  • Any device used inappropriately may be confiscated and will only be returned to the student at staff’s discretion.
  • Changes to EU Roaming charges mean that you may wish to leave the SIM card in your mobile device. However please check your network’s roaming charging/fair use policy.
  • Any charges incurred through using your device are your responsibility and the school will not reimburse you under any circumstances. Please remember that there is no actual need to have such mobile services active.
    • The hotel offers free Wi-Fi access in the communal area.
    • Although we would very strongly advise against students taking their phones during the day, there is free Wi-Fi in most of the cafés on the slopes.