Ski Meeting 19 Dec 2019

The Ski Trip 2020 hoodies are in!

There will be a meeting in G23 on Thursday 19 December at the beginning of lunchtime to give them out and sort out rooming for the trip. All students need to attend.

See you there!

Mr Rowe (Geek)

Day 3 2017: Zoe's Flight

Another beautiful day on the slopes today with lots of skiing by all the groups. No promotions today but lots of fun had by all.

Day 5 – Presentations and E-numbers

Right, REALLY no proper blog tonight as it was Presentation Evening (yes, the photos, er....sorry!) and it's now very late, I'm completely destroyed and I'm typing using a mixture of RSA Touch Typing, blind intuition and the Force.

Ski Meeting: 5 February 2020

There will be a meeting in G23 on Wednesday 5 February at the beginning of lunchtime.

We'll be giving out some really important information about what to do on the day of departure, a reminder about essential kit, rooming and ferry group information.

All Notley students going on the trip must attend this meeting. If you can't attend please come and see me in Media Support before the meeting.

Ski Trip 2018 - Wrap Up

Hi all

Quick post just to wrap up this year’s trip.

Firstly, hope everyone enjoyed the trip – the skiing did seem rather good and the speed of progress for the beginners especially this year was nothing short of astounding. Well done the students!

Day 2 2017

The sun was out again today but a strong wind made it a little chilly. That didn’t seem to affect the students as they headed off up the mountain in all different directions to start the day.

Day Four Skiing 2016 - Fancy Dress

Well, where do we start today? The fog had lifted by the morning and we have were able to see today.  This also meant that everyone else was able to see us, which for some was quite embarrassing seeing some of the fancy dress costumes people wore! We had the customary group photo on the hill outside the restaurant before we all headed off for a first run down the cruisey blue en masse.

First call for Passports and EHICs!

Hi all. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.

Now that the holidays are out of the way (boo! etc) it's time to collect in everybody's Passport and EHIC card for safe keeping.

URGENT: Confirmation required by Monday 15 July

Dear all

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the delay in sorting out the finances for next years’ Ski Trip to Austria. I had it all reorganised when we were suddenly presented with the possibility of some Ramsey students taking up a significant number of places; this would have allowed us to run the trip as originally proposed. Unfortunately they didn’t take up the opportunity so we are going to run the smaller trip I emailed about a couple of weeks ago.

Go Outdoors Discount

Looking to buy ski gear for Xmas? Go Outdoors are currently offering 10% discount to students going on school ski trips. Got to be worth checking out! See attached leaflet for details.

Day One 2017

The day started with wall to wall sunshine so spirits were high as we made our way up the valley to Zauchensee.

We split into our groups and the beginners made their way over to the nursery slope to practice what they had learnt on the dry slope. After a couple of hours they were ready to head up to the top of the mountain to try out the cruisey blue from the top to the bottom. 

Day 3 - Skiing Zachensee 2016

After a lot of snowfall last night and all of today the students had a hard day of skiing cut out for them. However all coped very well with the huge moguls and very little visibility. Groups 3 and 4 have massively improved with considerably less stacking than previous days. Group 3 (as per video) did their first Red run from top to bottom with only 2 minor controlled lowerings. They all did amazingly and were very happy with what they had achieved. Groups 1 and 2, as per usual, were going everywhere at speed.