Will Myers

Will Myers

Skiing experience

Well, I started skiing at what feels like the turn of the century 37 years ago - wow!! I have only looked back and thought how lucky I am to have had this in my life. At my wedding I was called "snow obsessed freak".

My ski teaching started in 1991 in Cairngorm, Scotland. It was "C-c-cold!" I did I a further 5 seasons abroad which included some guiding and teaching the British Army.

I am a development coach level 2 and BASI level 1. I love speed on skis.

I now have a family with two kids under 5 years so this is my holiday, and I can't wait!! Did I mention my wife is pregnant again? Oh, and I work in a collage as a pastoral carer and teach skiing part time.

My worst ski bit

I had a dream I was a snowboarder

Best bit

I woke up!