Mr Rowe

Mr Rowe



Skiing Experience

14 previous Notley Ski Trips (and some dry slope experience which was rubbish - see below!)

Best moments

Working out how the stupid planks on my feet actually worked on my first trip.

Managing to keep up with everyone else for the first time on the instructor's run a few years ago.

Learning to ski backwards so I could take pictures of something more interesting than people's disappearing backs!

Worst moments

Having a total inability to snowplough on the dry slope I couldn't stop and smashed at high speed into a pole at the bottom, resulting in a bruise the size of a small continent! Also didn't help that I had to have my skis clipped together at the front like a small child!

Forgetting how to ski after lunch almost every day on my first ski trip.

The coach trip home in 2009 - a 27 hour nightmare - don't even ask!

Having to replan 2014's trip at three days notice - never been as stressed out ever!