Mr Rowe

Mr Rowe



Skiing Experience:

11 Notley Ski Trips (and some dry slope experience which was rubbish - see below!)

Best moments:

  • Working out how the stupid planks on my feet actually worked on my first trip.
  • Managing to keep up with everyone else for the first time on the instructor's run a few years ago.
  • Learning to ski backwards so I could take pictures of something more interesting than people's disappearing backs!

Worst moments:

  • Having a total inability to snowplough on the dry slope I couldn't stop and smashed at high speed into a pole at the bottom, resulting in a bruise the size of a small continent!
  • Forgetting how to ski after lunch almost every day on my first ski trip.
  • The coach trip home in 2009 - a 27 hour nightmare - don't even ask!
  • Having to replan 2014's trip at three days notice - never been as stressed out ever!