Ski Trip 2018 - Wrap Up

Ski Trip 2018 - Wrap Up
Wednesday, 21 February 2018.

Hi all

Quick post just to wrap up this year’s trip.

Firstly, hope everyone enjoyed the trip – the skiing did seem rather good and the speed of progress for the beginners especially this year was nothing short of astounding. Well done the students!

Secondly, the photos are now all edited and available to download from both the SkiNotley website (in medium resolution) and from our new OneDrive account (maximum resolution master files).

The links are:

Ski Notley:


All the master files from every Ski Trip are also now on that OneDrive account: just go to!Av8mbqrYx1sraTW2oFYrG4GS0BA  

Lastly, Mrs S is currently working on getting a letter out for next year’s trip which should be available as soon as humanly possible. Keep an eye on the blog and Facebook pages and screens around the school….

Thanks for entrusting us with your children and letting us throw them down the mountains strapped to planks. Same time next year? 

As usual, it’s all been rather lovely…

Geek, Over and Out.