Day One 2017

Day One 2017
Sunday, 12 February 2017.

The day started with wall to wall sunshine so spirits were high as we made our way up the valley to Zauchensee.

We split into our groups and the beginners made their way over to the nursery slope to practice what they had learnt on the dry slope. After a couple of hours they were ready to head up to the top of the mountain to try out the cruisey blue from the top to the bottom. 

There were a few worried faces and some choice remarks as they saw what faced them for the next hour or so but they all managed to make their way down, some faster than others! It’s the first time in a long time that we have been able to get the beginners up to the top of the mountain before lunch and they did brilliantly. There were tears and tantrums but by the time we got to the bottom there were smiles all round and all were ready for a well-deserved lunch.

Group 2 skied with Dave and started on the cruisey blue to get their ski legs back before heading over towards the music bar side of the mountain to tackle the blue over there. Conner spent most of the day going backwards slowly and Brad fell over ALOT!! They then progressed to the world cup run which was very icy and steep so that’s one to miss for the rest of the week!! After another red they then also stopped for lunch.

Group 1 were with Jen this morning and also started on the cruisey blue to warm up. We then headed over to the other side of the mountain to ski the black run under the gondola which was lovely. After working on our pole plants we headed up to do the timed slalom run before heading back down the red to the restaurant for lunch.

There were a few promotions over lunch with Harrison going up to group 1, and Jess up to group 2 after just half a day on snow, she is a natural!

There was massive improvements in the beginners group and a few light bulb moments where things finally clicked and suddenly all came together! There were still a few tantrums with Lucy stating she hated skiing and wasn’t going to do it anymore! Once we pointed out to her that she couldn’t wait until the snow melted she finally got back up and actually skied really well, even smiling on occasion and actually enjoying it by the time she got halfway down….. well done Lucy. Molly and Charli were our other two stars on the cruisey blue both having moments when things finally clicked meaning they managed to get down the run in record time. Some of the others in the group were managing to almost parallel so it will be good to see how they get on tomorrow.

Group 2 and 1 were getting faster and faster and those that were promoted had no problems keeping up in their new groups. Both groups skied a range of blues and reds at varying speeds some even catching a bit of air along the way!! There were lots of red smiling faces at the bottom at the end of the day as everyone has had a fantastic first day.

Here’s to lots of sunshine and skiing tomorrow. We are off to bed for a good nights sleep!

Hope you have enjoyed all the updates, plenty more to come.

Mrs S.