Day Four Skiing 2016 - Fancy Dress

Day Four Skiing 2016 - Fancy Dress
Wednesday, 17 February 2016.

Well, where do we start today? The fog had lifted by the morning and we have were able to see today.  This also meant that everyone else was able to see us, which for some was quite embarrassing seeing some of the fancy dress costumes people wore! We had the customary group photo on the hill outside the restaurant before we all headed off for a first run down the cruisey blue en masse.

Group One headed off to take on the World Cup run and there may have been a few jumps along the way. Mr Rowe skied desperately to keep up - chuntering all the way, wondering why he had said yes to skiing with the warp speed group! He even had time to take a few photos whilst standing at the side of the slope dressed as a Minion!

Miss Stanton was showing off on the slopes today but soon got her comeuppance when she ate snow in a spectacular fashion. Consequently, she was a little more sensible and skied with two skis firmly on the slope for the rest of the day! Needless to say the students found it very entertaining!

Group two ventured onto the black piste after the communal run and skied brilliantly all the way down. There were smiles all the way and even a few rolls from Jodie who got to the bottom looking more like a snowman than a Minion. Later in the day they worked on their pole planting (or bobbing in Lydia’s case!). Once mastered it was amazing the difference it made to their skiing technique.

Group three skied most of the resort, with blues and reds included. Jodie hit warp speed, not entirely intentionally, with some screaming and other words involved! She survived to tell the tale but had a quick trip to the hospital for a sprained thumb. All is good and she will still be skiing with us tomorrow.

Group four spent the day cruising the blues and reds very well. There were a few notable incidences mainly involving Tilly who spent her time throwing her equipment off the lift whilst doing her hair! She also had a nice lie down underneath the chair lift whilst everyone else was trying to get off, resulting in them stopping the lift for a red-faced Tilly to be stood up and sent on her way! She looks like a strong contender for one of the wally outfits tomorrow! She did however ski quite well when she was upright and on her skis!

After skiing we all headed over to Flachau to have a go on the Lucky Flitzer, a two man roller coaster down the side of the piste. The faster you went the better and a great time was had by all.

The students are all now in their rooms, hopefully getting ready for bed, but probably just consuming more e-numbers of which they seem to have a never ending supply! We will be up shortly to tuck them in before waking them up nice and early to do it all again tomorrow!

Mrs S