Day 5 – Presentations and E-numbers

Day 5 – Presentations and E-numbers
Thursday, 18 February 2016.
Right, REALLY no proper blog tonight as it was Presentation Evening (yes, the photos, er....sorry!) and it's now very late, I'm completely destroyed and I'm typing using a mixture of RSA Touch Typing, blind intuition and the Force.

Everyone skied their socks off today. That would be everyone, in every group. We mixed them up a tad to get some videoing done. To give you a sense of the improvement in the students, two of our beginners from day 1 were put into group 1 with the more experienced lot and we then WARMED UP on a BLACK run from the top of the mountain to the bottom! (Special mention to Millie and Laura there but it's not unrepresentative of the overall improvement level). 

The award photos show the GCSE grade for each person and you should be able to see from that how well they have all done. Be proud. Be very proud.

We let them off into Altenmarkt tonight so they are well stocked up with health food and fruit for the journey tomorrow. 



There seemed to be a suspicious amount of a certain caffeine drink and enough e-numbers to sink a battleship so the journey should I was reliably informed that one of them drinks it because she can't sleep. I tried to introduce the concept of cause and effect but I'm not sure it registered. Ah well. Maybe we can give them all a free kazoo and start a band.

Anyway, no blog tomorrow as we are on a tight turn around. However there will be updates throughout the journey so tune in for another exciting episode...

They have been great. I've done a few of these trips now and although they are all amazing, this has been one of the best.

It's all been rather lovely.

Geek, over and out.