Day 3 2017: Zoe's Flight

Day 3 2017: Zoe's Flight
Tuesday, 14 February 2017.

Another beautiful day on the slopes today with lots of skiing by all the groups. No promotions today but lots of fun had by all.

Group 1 skied fast everywhere, up Mrs S’s red run, over to Flachau Winkle, we played in the family fun park on the jumps and grinders and then Zoe took a jump at speed got massive air but struggled to land on her feet and face planted instead! The jump was actually very impressive but she does need to work on her landing!! We think she was just tired and wanted a lift down but we did take her to the hospital where they established she did actually have a brain in her head when they x rayed it!! Anyway to cut a long story short, she was very brave and she is much brighter this evening and looking forward to skiing tomorrow.

Group 2 skied the ski route today which is an un pisted marked run through the trees, the black from the top to the bottom and found some moguls along the way! All had tired legs by lunch time so were glad of the rest.

Group 3 skied the cruisey blue to warm up, then the Gondola from the top of the world and finished the morning down Mrs S’s red. A great achievement for them all and they are now picking up pace and making real progress.

This afternoon all the groups headed out into the sunshine again to practice what they have been taught over the last couple of days. The snow was showing the effects of the warm weather and was a bit heavy in places but that was good practice for the students when picking their routes down the piste. Groups 1 and 2 met on the black run at the end of the day and Mr Rowe managed to get some action photos which will be published later. There were some very tired legs at the end of the day but they all skied well and showed improvement so we look forward to going even faster tomorrow!

A quick stop on the way home in Altenmarkt allowed the students to stock up on E numbers and look in the souvenir shops before getting back to the hotel for dinner and quiz night.

Mr Rowe’s ferry group managed to win for the second year in a row which was a bit suspicious but we will let him bask in the glory again!

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting blog of our day on the slopes.

Mrs S.