Day 2 - Skiing 2016. Exit, Pursued by Shark

Day 2 - Skiing 2016. Exit, Pursued by Shark
Monday, 15 February 2016.
No actual proper blog tonight folks as it's gone midnight, everyone has gone to bed and left me all on my lonesome to sort photos (yes yes I know, world's smallest violin playing just for you etc). In summary, they skiied today. The End. ......More? ......Er ok they skied a lot. In fog. LOTS of fog. 

OMG (as these young'uns do say) there was a shed load of fog. visibility was down to not much plus about four feet. MMM, interesting. They all coped with it extraordinarily well though, regardless of group. No major incidents and to be honest not too much drama either. Apart from from Kayli, but the words par and course spring to mind :-)

Swimming in the evening was wet. Seriously, I can't tart that up much more that that. Great fun had by all although whoever controls the temperature dial in what purports to be a "hot" tub needs taking out and having how the world works explained to them with a rolled up copy of Women's Weekly. 

MUCH singing on the coach tonight (see video on Facebook). Star Trekkin' was good, Amarillo was better but YMCA was the funniest thing I've seen on a coach for ages. Priceless. Great bunch of kids but don't tell them that or they will get ideas above their station. 

Tomorrow is, as they say, another day. Primarily because it is. 

Geek out.

(Oh look, a blog after all).

PS We have ZERO clue why Mrs S is being pursued by Jaws in this shot but it made us giggle and sometimes that's just enough!