Day 2 2017

Day 2 2017
Monday, 13 February 2017.
The sun was out again today but a strong wind made it a little chilly. That didn’t seem to affect the students as they headed off up the mountain in all different directions to start the day.

Group one started with Dave and had worn him out by lunch time skiing everything across the mountain at warp speed. Hannah had been promoted this morning and it only took her a few runs to be able to keep up and enjoy going down everything!

 Group 2 found themselves with Will for the morning and Jess on her second day on snow found herself going down the black with style. James somehow managed to lose both skis on the flat and we are still trying to work out how he managed it. They even skied the world cup run that had featured on Ski Sunday a couple of weeks ago!Group 3 were therefore with Jen and started on the blue from the highest point of the resort. They all looked a little nervous at the top of the gondola but soon perked up a little as they made their way down to the wider slopes. Lucy even admitted she had actually quite enjoyed it!!

After a well-earned lunch we all headed back out onto the hill. Mia and Sophie were promoted to group 2 where they held their own and skied really well keeping up on all the runs and conquering their first black run. Charli in group 3 managed to get down the mountain without falling down and Conner skied a little faster than snail’s pace but seemed to like doing little pirouettes along the way hoping no one was looking! 

 Louis had finally worked out that Mrs Segura wasn’t called Mary and there was a reason for me ignoring him for the first two days!!

 Swimming after skiing was a good bit of relaxation and the students were in full flow singing YMCA on the coach (Video to be posted on the Facebook page!)

 All in all another good day. The students have been great and a pleasure to spend time with. Let’s hope tomorrow is as good if not better. Hope you are all enjoying the updates, more tomorrow.

 Mrs S