Day 1 - Skiing 2016

Day 1 - Skiing 2016
Sunday, 14 February 2016.

Day One:

We were up bright and early ready for the first lift at 9am. All those that had been only on the dry slope made their way over to the nursery slopes and after a few short runs managed to get on the button lift. They did so well that we managed to get them all up to the top of the mountain before lunch, something we have never done before. All managed to get back down to the restaurant for lunch some later than others. There were some very relieved and hungry students, (and a boiled egg aka Erin!) most were still smiling!

Group one set off at their usual warp speed and skied half of the mountain before stopping for a quick hot chocolate. The snow conditions were good and they managed to practice their carving and their mogul technique. After a short break they decided to join and help the beginners down the cruisey blue which was great and very helpful.

Group two headed for the cruisey blue to warm up and then ventured onto some red runs for the rest of the morning. They obviously went on quite a few runs as we didn’t really see much of them until lunch.

After a good stop for lunch groups 3 and 4 headed back up the cruisey blue another couple of times before coming off the slopes very tired at 4.30pm

Group one did their usual blast of the other side of the mountain before finishing off on the favourite cruisey blue and group 2 ventured onto the world cup run before finishing with a relaxing cruisey blue too!

Special mentions need to go to Erin (Eggrin) Helmer and Jodie Tyler. Both skied really well and have shown that with a lot of perseverance and courage they have skied and improved a massive amount.

It was probably the longest first day we have ever had but the amount of improvement was immense. We were the only ones on the slopes at the end of the day which was lovely skiing with the slopes to ourselves. The students have been great and were very happy to have a chilled evening in the hotel recharging their batteries ready for another early start on the slopes tomorrow.

Mrs S