Day 2 - Skiing 2016. Exit, Pursued by Shark

No actual proper blog tonight folks as it's gone midnight, everyone has gone to bed and left me all on my lonesome to sort photos (yes yes I know, world's smallest violin playing just for you etc). In summary, they skiied today. The End. ......More? ......Er ok they skied a lot. In fog. LOTS of fog. 

Ski Meeting for Austria 2016

There will be a parents’/carers’ information evening on Tuesday 10 November at 6.30pm, in Braintree Arts Theatre, when a short presentation will give you details of the trip to Austria. With Christmas fast approaching, you will be told what kit is needed for the trip as there are a few things that would make good Christmas presents.

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Day 1 - Skiing 2016

Day One:

We were up bright and early ready for the first lift at 9am. All those that had been only on the dry slope made their way over to the nursery slopes and after a few short runs managed to get on the button lift. They did so well that we managed to get them all up to the top of the mountain before lunch, something we have never done before. All managed to get back down to the restaurant for lunch some later than others. There were some very relieved and hungry students, (and a boiled egg aka Erin!) most were still smiling!

Stop Press

In light of recent events in Les Deux Alps, with the school ski trip avalanche incident, we would like to reassure parents that under no circumstances will your children be taken down any slopes that are closed or prone to avalanche.

Ski Trip 2016 - Sign up now!

After another successful ski trip, it is time to start organising next year’s visit. The trip will return to the resort of Zauchensee/Flachau in Austria and we will be travelling with Sport and Educational Travel from Lowestoft.

Sponge Bob Goes Skiing

Well the first day saw the first four to wear the Wally outfits. Saffy was awarded the Sponge Bob onesie for…… Well we will let her tell you why!

Final Itinerary for Ski Trip 2015

The final itinerary for the 2015 Ski Trip is now available on our website.

Please click here to view the itinerary.

There is a lot of really important information in it so please take a few minutes to read it thoroughly.

If you have any questions, please either contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Notley High School.


Ferry Groups 2016 Published

The ferry groups for the 2016 Ski Trip have now been published.

Please make sure you know what group you are in as you will be asked to get into your ferry groups a lot during the trip.

Photos - Finished. Come on Down!

Ok Folks - that's ALL the photos from Ski Notley 2015 on Facebook and the Ski Notley Website. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we all enjoyed taking them.

Here We Go Here We Go etc.

Well the first day couldn’t have been more different to last year! Everything ran on time, Dover was actually open, the ferry crossing didn’t resemble a scene from Deadliest Catch and the coach was the most comfortable we’ve ever had. 

Day 5 - Flachau and Wagrain

Flachau and Wagrain today, lots of big moguls aka hump back whales! Beginners were skiing reds most of the day, tackling the slush and really showed how much they had progressed from the beginning of the week.

Top group were black running and pole planting in preparation for the GCSE and A-Level assessments. They skied all around the mountain on blues, reds and blacks and had fun on the bumps with a few wipe-outs.